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If you would like to sell your house quickly, then we may have the perfect solution for you.  We are able to pay you the same full value for your house that you’d get if you listed and sold through a Realtor. If that appeals to you, then keep reading because by this time next week your house could be sold.

My name is Rob Jenkins and I would like to discuss purchasing your home with you. No, I don’t want to list your home. I’m not a Realtor. I’m a private individual that is associated with a group of local investors who buy several houses each month.

We buy houses in all areas and all price ranges. Many times there are good people like yourself who hit a bump in the road in life and end up in arrears on their payments, and possibly in foreclosure. For a good number of these homeowners it made sense to them, to have us buy their house and save their credit by paying their backpayments and taking over their debt until we sold the house and paid off their loan.  They Got Immediate Debt Relief,


Their Credit Was Saved!

They Could Put This Behind Them

And Move On With Their Lives!


For others, I was able to buy their house paying cash, which paid off all their loans, right away. In every case, these homeowners were visibly relieved to have the burden of the debt they owed off their back and out of their lives, at last!

I don’t know what your personal situation is; we can talk about that when you call or by filing out a Seller’s Form below. But what I do know is how to provide solutions to you that make sense, and then get your home closed quickly and professionally. We close all of our purchases through real estate attorneys and we’ll even pay 100% of your closing costs, allowing you to put this whole “business” behind you.

There Are No Costs, No Fees or Any Obligation

By Seeing What We Have To Offer!

Would you like our assistance in getting a stressful situation finalized? But finalized with peace of mind and integrity, knowing you honored your agreements with the lender?

If you do, we have some information that I believe you will be very interested in. Feel free to check out our FAQ below. The answers will explain how you can take charge of this situation and get fast CASH. In fact, you don’t even have to speak to anyone unless you decide that you want to.  Fair enough?

You have nothing to lose and there’s a very good chance we will buy your house and take care of your special needs. But we’ll never know, unless we make contact us or by filing out the Seller’s Form below.

Call us today at 678-835-8577!

P.S.  You know sometimes there is just so much to do, and time flies by before you know what happened. Don’t let this chance to take care of things slide…let’s get busy and turn this thing around, starting NOW.

P.P.S.  If you would rather talk to someone NOW about selling your house, then call 678-835-8577 and we will take your information.   Once we have the information we will begin creating solutions for buying your house.  Together we can find the best solution for you.  All it takes is a call from you or by filling out the Seller’s Form below for me to come out. You have nothing to lose by seeing what we have to offer.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Seller Frequently Asked Questions

How can I quickly sell my house?
If you need to sell your house in a hurry we have the cash available right now to buy your house. The reason we can do this is because we work with private investors with private funds. We don’t use banks because the process takes longer. We don’t wait to go through the loan process. Instead we use private lender funds in order to buy homes fast.How long will it take you to buy my house?
We can buy your house within 3 days if necessary. We schedule a closing according to your needs or timeframe; meaning that we can buy your house very fast, or we can extend it to 1,2,3 or 5 months, whatever you need is what we try to accomplish. We specialize in working with people just like you who need a no hassle friendly transaction, need a quick flexible sale, need a fair price, or even need to be rid of a problem.What exactly is the process?
The best way to start the process is by filling out the Seller’s Form below or if you would like to speak with us now call 678-835-8577 at any time. We need to know the property, address, any loan balances on the property, if there are any liens or judgements, if you are behind on payments and if so how much. Also, the overall condition of the property or any other pertinent information regarding the house or the financing. Once we have this information we will research the property to determine the fair market price. We will also need to determine what we will do with the property once we own it, which will help us establish our offers to you.Is it true that there are no fees, no commissions
Yes. We like to tell people “don’t list your house, sell your house.” Following the traditional listing process it can take months to market, sell, and close on your house when you might want to move now. We recommend you call us first because we can save you the headache of continuing to make payments or dealing with it yourself because we can buy your house so quickly. There are no fees, commissions, or any obligations by seeing what we have to offer. We also keep the information strictly confidential.Why do people sell you their house?
People sell their house for many different reasons. They may be moving to a larger home or downsizing to a smaller one. Or maybe they’re just taking advantage of a job opportunity and must move. There are also reasons like divorce, job loss, getting behind on payments, health problems, or just tired of being a landlord. We also specialize in helping people stop foreclosure so they can save their credit giving them the ability to buy another house in the future.Does my property have to be in great condition?
No it doesn’t. We prefer to buy pretty houses that people can move into, but we will also buy them in any condition or any situation.

Does my house have to be a certain size to buy?
No, we have bought properties as small as a 1 bedroom condo up to 5,000 sq ft estate homes. So the size of your house really doesn’t matter.

What if I have little to no equity left in the house?  Can you still help?      

Yes we can.  Very often we get calls from sellers who basically owe close to what the property is worth.  In this market, it’s happening more and more.  Many owners just do not have the equity to list, market, and sell through an agent.  It really just depends on the situation.

So, whatever reason you have for selling your house, just give us a call at 678-835-8577 or fill out theSeller’s FormRemember, there is no obligationorcommission and we will take care of coordinating the closing and all the paperwork.  You have nothing to lose.